Neurofeedbak EEG Therapy in Miami
Neurofeedback Therapy
What is Neurofeedback used for?

​Neurofeedback addresses unregulated problems in the brain.

Anxiety and Depression, Behavior disorders, Attention Deficits, Sleep problems, migraines and headaches, emotional problems.  

Severely disruptive behavior disorders.


Clinic  Mental Health Counselor

​Florence Larrain
​helps  her clients to prevent and rectify conflicts or problems.

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Training the brain functions, with Neurofeedback therapy. The brain learns to function more efficiently.

Neurofeedback is also called EEG or Biofeedback, allowing good brain function for the central nervous system. through Self-regulation and therapy.

Neurofeedback Therapy Empowering "You and  "Your Loved Ones"
Bipolar Disorder.
Conduct Disorder.Autistic disorders.

 Developmental delay.
Cerebral palsy
Acquired brain injury
Sleep problems, Autism.
Bed wetting
Sleep walking, sleep talking
problems of adolescence
Suicidal behavior
Self-esteem issues
Social phobias
Separation anxiety
Blending families

Neurofeedback can  help  any one to maintain good brain function,  no matter the function  level of the brain . All brains can be trained to benefit from a Boost of Productivity with the protocol that reduces stress and moody behavioral habits.
Leaving one self to be able to engage in a more assertive and satisfactory productive life.

Neurofeedback / EEG protocols are very successful tools in helping conditions such as.
Neurofeedback Helps brain conditions such as autism seizures, and cerebral palsy.
Post-traumatic stress
Attention and learning difficulties,
Motivation issues

Panic Attack
Anger management
Post-partum distress
Neurofeedback therapist
Lack of assertiveness
Improve Your Mind.

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For Appointment call: (305) 442-8833
​717 Ponce De Leon Blvd.  Suite # 202 
Coral Gables - 33134 - Florida USA                               
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